Take a Break

Trusted Advice from Our Caregiver Agency

Caring for a loved one with a developmental disability can impact the well-being of the family caregivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “balance is key” for caregivers who have a long-term obligation to provide some level of care.

Experts caution family caregivers not to try being a “perfect caregiver” who is consumed by caregiving responsibilities. While it may seem like the family caregiver is the only person who can provide the necessary assistance, it can be beneficial to delegate some responsibilities, either on a regular basis or for time away to recharge.

Loneliness can be an issue for someone with developmental disabilities, as well as for their caregivers. It is encouraged that all persons involved—both the giver and receiver of care—maintain personal interests and friendships.

Family caregivers should be attentive to their own health and wellness, too. Take time to see a health care provider for advice about eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise to avoid the risk of illness and burnout.

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