Suggested Activities for Stage 2 Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer’s disease is progressive and those suffering from it will go through a range of symptoms or stages from mild to severe. When a loved one reaches the second stage of Alzheimer’s disease, they are beginning to lose the ability to recognize family and friends. Other symptoms at this stage include increased paranoia and delusions, not being able to dress themselves or oversee their own daily hygiene, insomnia, and other complications.

During this moderate stage of Alzheimer’s disease, in-home caregivers can help by being aware of what the person can still do on their own in their existing state of mental function.

It is important to stimulate the senses when choosing activities and to consider what this person liked to do prior to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Some may enjoy working with clay, others might like to colour or paint, or perhaps they simply like arranging flowers.

People in the second stage of Alzheimer’s disease can still wash dishes, fold laundry, and dust. They can also assist in simple food preparation like stirring ingredients together. Walks are a good way to spend time together, or attending church regularly can be pleasant.

Despite the memory gaps, it can be enjoyable to spend time reminiscing by talking and looking at photographs when spending time with the person who is in stage two of Alzheimer’s disease.

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