Daily Journal

Our Expert Dementia Care Team Is Here to Help

As dementia robs a loved one of their cognitive abilities and memories, there are steps an in-home caregiver can take to try to prolong the healthy mental state of that person. These steps are found in simple routines and mental exercises that you can do together.

One routine for someone with dementia is to keep a daily journal. The journal can help the person suffering from dementia with their daily orientation as well as encourage them to express their feelings in writing.

When first starting the journal, the caregiver may need to provide suggestions and act as a guide. For example, the caregiver might tell them the day and date and describe the weather. “Write down that it is Monday, February 19, 2018. The weather is clear and cool.”

Once the routine of journaling is established, the in-home caregiver should instruct the person to share their feelings in the journal, as well. There should never be any pressure to write anything at all; however, they should be given the option, along with assistance as needed.

It can be helpful to the caregiving team to review the journal to see if it is being used and if there are any changes in ability to write in the journal. If the loved one begins to feel that the journal is private, then that should always be respected.

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