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Our Team

  • Photo of Saba Tauseef
    Saba Tauseef Owner / CEO
    Photo of Saba Tauseef
    Saba Tauseef Owner / CEO

    Saba Tauseef is the CEO and owner of Homewatch CareGivers serving Mississauga. Before she was a business owner, she was a doctor. She practiced medicine in the Middle East and Asia. After returning to Canada, she passed the Canadian licensing exams to be a doctor. However, after losing her father to cancer in 2015 she realized how difficult it can be for families to take care of their loves ones and the amount of support they need. This contributed to her decision to pursue a new career in the personal care industry and help people take care of their parents in her community where she saw a great need.

    When she’s not at work, Saba takes pleasure in spending time with her daughters, baking and keeping fit.

  • Photo of Tauseef Riaz
    Tauseef Riaz Owner / CFO
    Photo of Tauseef Riaz
    Tauseef Riaz Owner / CFO

    Tauseef Riaz is a co-owner of Homewatch CareGivers serving Mississauga along with his wife, Saba Tauseef, and the CFO. Tauseef has a degree in electrical engineering, an MBA and is a CFA charter holder, all of which he has used to invest in, build and manage new businesses across the world. After coming back to Canada, Tauseef recognized the increasing need for professional caregivers for the aging population in Greater Toronto Area, and the resulting opportunity for creating new employment opportunities in the community, and partnered with his wife to launch Homewatch CareGivers of Mississauga.

    Tauseef unwinds watching sci-fi movies with his family, programming computers and working out in his local YMCA.