Beating Lockdown 2.0 Boredom

Beating Lockdown 2.0 Boredom
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    Author: Asia Meilleur (Client Care Coordinator).

    Well into the second lockdown, many of us are finding ourselves in a darker shade of the January blues. As we know, this is particularly true of those living alone, especially seniors. Tired of staring at the TV? Fear Not, friends! We have found some local resources to help you keep busy, learn, and have some fun and interact with people.

    Go back to school! Have you always wanted to learn something but found yourself too busy? Here is your chance. McMaster University offers a range of courses on art, literature, health, and technology in the “Learning for +55” program. Meet people with shared interests and continue your path of lifelong learning

    Do you miss browsing around and getting lost in a new, imaged world when you pick up a new book? Or just miss grabbing a light read a magazine? The Toronto Public Library is online, and you don’t even need a library card. They offer many books, eBooks, magazines, reading challenges and live events for all ages.

    Have you ever wanted to take a painting class? This company does virtual classes online, and you never have to leave your home. They will mail each of your team members a canvas, easel, paint, palette and brushes. They will match you according to your paint subject preference and virtually guide you to creating your masterpiece! Or at least meet new people, have fun and a nice souvenir. 😊

    Stay safe, friends.

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