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Fall Prevention for Seniors

Fall Prevention for Seniors
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    By: Asia Meilleur – Client Care Coordinator

    According to Health Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors, with 20-30% experiencing one or more falls per year causing 85% of injury-related hospitalizations. Falls are 95% cause of hip fractures. In my experience in caring for seniors, it can be traumatic for an individual, and their caregiver when a fall happens. However, the Good news is preventative measures can decrease the risk of falls.


    According to Health Canada, medication side effects and interaction can increase the risk of falls. Drowsiness, dizziness, blood pressure changes can be a side effect of medication. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about medication side effects and interaction. Ensure that all medication instructions are followed. Blister packs can help keep track of your meditation, according to NS Healthcare.


    According to, researchers estimate that between 40% and 70% of older adults have chronic sleep issues. Lack of sleep can cause dizziness, poor coordination, confusion, loss of balance and a feeling of haziness. states that a lack of sleep decreases response time and reflexes. recommends sticking to a routine to ensure getting enough sleep. Some suggestions include turning off electronics, avoiding food and drinks before bed and having a bedtime hygiene routine.

    Proper footwear

    High heels, loose-fitting, backless, wood bottom shoes, and strappy shoes can be hazardous at any age. Having proper footwear with good support will help decrease the risk of falls. Having Natation Institute of Aging Non-stick full slippers on bare floors are prepared over socks or slip-on slippers on bare flooring.

    A body in motion stays in motion!

    We all know the importance of exercise numerous health benefits. In my many years of experience as a personal trainer, Low impact exercise focusing on flexibility, strength, and balance. Exercise helps with muscle strength, flexible joints and bone density. Simple movements and stretches as little as 15-30 min a day will have a lasting impact. Having worked with older clients, I have seen how increased core strength and mobility through functional movement had a direct impact on balance and stability in daily tasks.

    Keep Your body Nourished:

    Poor diets can lead to physical weakness and fatigue according to HealthLinkBC. Skipping meals or poor eating can cause drops in blood sugar, shakiness and loss of balance and increase the risk of falling states Health Canada. Something that can help is having ready-made meals that are easy to heat up. caregivers to prepare and ensure that proper meals are eaten or hiring a food delivery service.

    Healthy Mind = Healthy body

    In these COVID-19 times, many of us are feeling the effect on our mental health. Many people are forced to be isolated from loved ones having to forgo any outside activities they previously enjoyed. Check-in with the seniors in your life. Suggested indoor hobbies, accompanied walks, facetime calls. For a lot of seniors, a companion caregiver can make all the difference in their mental health. Many of our clients have told us they have appreciated having our companion care services.

    Household clutter:

    Removing things off the floor in watching paths and ensure stairs are always clear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that most falls happen at home. So, make home your safe zone by removing clutter and making sure you have lots of light. Organizing and removing clutter can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Our caregiver can assist you in creating a safe clutter-free environment.

    We are here to help. We can answer any questions you and assist you with any of the above preventative steps. We care. We are caregivers.,and%20choice%20reaction%20time%20significantly.

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