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Diabetes Tips

Living with diabetes has many challenges and long-term health implications. Experts recommend specific diet and exercise for people living with diabetes to improve their health. Gain a better understanding of how you can manage diabetes for yourself or a loved one.

6 Tips for Living with Diabetes

1. Remain active.
If there is immobility, determine the cause. If pain is the reason for not being active, seek assistance from a health care provider for solutions to reduce pain.


2. Eat well.
Maintaining a healthy diet can mean weight loss, more energy, stable blood sugar levels, and a decrease in the symptoms of diabetes.


3. Get an eye exam.
The entire body may be affected by diabetes. Schedule regular eye exams and foot exams, along with an annual physical.


4. Watch for foot complications.
People with diabetes should pay extra attention to their feet. Learn the daily habits to adopt for healthy feet.


5. Treat pain.

There are many causes for pain and also many ways to alleviate pain without medication. Once the source of the pain is recognized, be part of eliminating it.

6. Seek support.

There are emotional, mental, and physical benefits to connecting with others who live with diabetes.

Diabetes: Resources

Find a wealth of information on diabetes at the American Diabetes Association website, www.diabetes.org.

The Mayo Clinic provides advice on lifestyle, medications, and much more for controlling diabetes symptoms at www.mayoclinic.org