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Information on Coronavirus Impact

There is a lot of information out there about COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that has led the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic. Recommendations from top experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are being updated regularly and at Homewatch CareGivers LLC, we are staying abreast of these.

We understand that there is concern for our caregivers and those in need of caregiving services and want to assure you that we are sharing safety guidelines and best practices with all Homewatch CareGivers locations so they can continue providing high quality care. Remaining in the home is being recommended for people everywhere to slow the spread of the disease, and we could not agree more. Professional caregivers have always been trained to take measures to minimize the spread of illnesses, and we are able to provide new online training in this challenging time to promote safe caregiving.

The majority of cases of COVID-19 appear to be mild, but unfortunately those with impaired immunity and elders have been reported to experience the most severe symptoms. These are the people who need care the most and so we have also adopted additional guidelines that we have shared with Homewatch CareGivers locations:

  • Caregivers who are feeling unwell should not be sent to clients' homes.
  • Caregivers should practice consistent hand washing, wear protective gloves and masks, and use sanitary wipes on all surfaces.
  • If a client is diagnosed with COVID-19 after testing, our offices will do their best to continue providing care, however, this may be in the form of remote check-ins, in an effort to contain the virus in the community.

These are difficult times and we do not want our elders to suffer from social isolation and loneliness. We always recommend having a back-up care plan for emergencies such as a phone list of friends and neighbors who can check in on a loved one or drop off groceries.

Family caregivers who are concerned about spreading possible germs to an elder loved one can check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website's tips on keeping yourself and others safe. We also have this blog offering some ideas on how to minimize fear and isolation of those who cannot have contact at this time.

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